ksiazka tytuł: The Pavement Arena autor: Geoff Thompson
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The Pavement Arena

Adapting Combat Martial Arts to the Street
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Wydawnictwo: Matrix Digital Publishing
ISBN: 1840248645
Wydanie: 2001 r.
Język: angielski

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This illustrated manual takes the martial artist step by step through everything necessary to convert their skills for use in the ‘street’. The Pavement Arena is Geoff Thompson talking reality training at his absolute best. Not just about the physical changes needed to make dojo techniques stand up to a real affray but also the mind-set and emotional control (and how to develop it) needed to enter the most unforgiving arena, The Pavement Arena. Geoff Thompson worked as a night club bouncer for nine years and is a qualified instructor in Karate, Gung-fu, Ju-Jitsu, weapons, self-protection, Thai boxing, western boxing and freestyle Olympic Wrestling. He is the author of many books on related subjects, and has appeared internationally on T.V. and radio as a self protection expert. Subjects covered include the adaptation of · Stance · Kicks · Punches · Blocks · Kata · Set sparring · Free sparring · Competition fighting and the development of · Fear control · Action triggers · Psyche-outs · The Fence