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Collins Italian Dictionary & Grammar

Wersja papierowa
Wydawnictwo: HarperCollins Publishers UK
ISBN: 978-00-08-24140-7
Format: 13.0x20.0cm
Liczba stron: 234
Oprawa: Miękka
Wydanie: 2019 r.
Język: angielski, włoski

Dostępność: aktualnie niedostępny
63,20 zł 50,60 zł

An up-to-date, one-way Kindle dictionary with a user-friendly grammar guide in one handy volume. A clear layout, cultural notes and an easy-to-use, revised grammar section make this the ideal Italian reference for intermediate learners.
Compatibility & Functionality

• Basic Text Search works on all Kindle devices
• Index lookup works on all Kindles except Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD
• Setting as Default Dictionary works on all Kindles except Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle for Android and any of the Kindle apps, including Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac
• Search across the full English-Italian dictionary by headword.
• Show Italian translations in a pop-up window when reading English books.

Designed for all those studying Italian who need maximum information in an accessible format.

• Over 60,000 translations
• Offers up-to-the-minute coverage, with additional notes warning the user of those words which are easily confused.
• Delivers the accuracy and reliability you expect from the Collins name. With natural, idiomatic example phrases, in-depth treatment of the most important core vocabulary (be, have) and help to find the exact translation you want.